Quantic Monitor is a wide range of industry reports designed to give you essential commecial insight into numerous markets. 

All reports are delivered in a concise, precise and affordable format. 

Reports are updated every half year and can be bought as a single stand alone report or on a subscription. Each report is based on a national representative sample of minimum 2.000 repondents.

If you do not find a specific report you are looking for, please let us know, and we will included in our upcoming data collection.


We offer our clients the option of unique “add ons” for each report. For example it is possible to track specific brands in a category, brand image, determine buying motivation or brand loyalty.

All unique “add ons” are exclusive to that specific client.

For more information contact:

Daniel Kim Soren
Telephone: +45 40 91 99 66
E-mail: dso@quantic.dk

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